Generalscan Unveils Advanced Barcode Scanning Solution
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09-10-2017 00:00:00
Generalscan Unveils Advanced Barcode Scanning Solution

Generalscan has unveiled its GS-X3/X5 scanbuddy series barcode scanners which are specially designed for highly mobile workers. With plug and scan design, the Android system will recognize the scanner as soon as the micro-USB been plugged into phone. It’s an ideal solution to instead of traditional PDA, a company press release said.


The cross-platform design allows scanbuddy barcode scanners to work not only with Android devices which support OTG function, but also with Windows OS devices (need an adapter). Free software named Android ScanBuddy Demo App is provided to control the scanner, along with free SDK to customers so that they could develop their own software.


Without built-in battery, customers don’t need to charge the scanners separately. Lowest power consumption design makes scanning last for a whole day. It is the most cost-effective solution for inventory management, POS, retail, ticket checking, healthcare system etc.


GS-X3/X5 series ScanBuddy USB barcode accessory have sleek, light weight and compact size which are provided to improve customer experience, engage more closely with them and increase sales floor conversions. It is best solution for retailer, health care nursery, warehouse and express delivery staff.


GS-X3/X5 series ScanBuddy USB barcode accessory integrates with high performance hardware decode scan engine. It can deliver fast and accurate reading of even poor quality barcode .It can offer unparalleled 1D and 2D barcode capture in the tiniest package. GS-X3/X5 series Scanbuddy USB barcode accessory do not have built-in battery ,so you do not need to charge it anymore .Lowest power consumption design can make you connect with Android smartphone and tablet work for a whole day. Google Nexus 7 tablet can scan barcode continuously for 12 hours with 5 seconds trigger interval.


GS-X3/X5 series ScanBuddy USB barcode accessory provides float trigger button App to trigger barcode, you can emulate the ScanBuddy as HID keyboard or VCP device.


GS-X3/X5 series barcode accessory is equipped with bluetooth ear phone function, which can be paired with Android smartphone for phone call or entertainment. It can work with two smartphone at the same time, with three hours charge for battery, it can work for 7 hours.




GS-X3/X5 series ScanBuddy USB barcode accessory can replace the PDA in the area of mobile scanning application such as retail sales, express logistics ,warehousing ,freight forwarding, product barcode traceability, asset management, shopping mall and super market.


-K Ramanathan

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