Gamber-Johnson Introduces Thermal Protective Cover for Honeywell Label Printer
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05-01-2018 00:00:00
Gamber-Johnson Introduces Thermal Protective Cover for Honeywell Label Printer

Gamber-Johnson has recently announced the first ever thermal protective cover to keep the Honeywell Compact 4 Mark III label printer dry and warm in wet and freezing conditions. 


For warehouses and distribution centers that store and move frozen foods or work in cross-docking environments, the cover provides a revolutionary new way to use the printer. The Mark III printer is designed to work off the power of the work truck.


The Honeywell Compact 4 Mark III label printer is a rugged compact and wireless thermal printer designed to work best in temperatures between 41°F and 104°F (5°C to 40°C). When used in an environment that's too cold, it can get sluggish, lose capabilities, or shut off completely. 


The Gamber-Johnson thermal cover encases the printer and has a thermal pad heater connected to a thermostat that begins regulating heat around the printer if the outside ambient temperature is below 40°F (4.4°C). The cover ensures the printer will always stay warm and at its optimum operating temperature, even in a freezing environment.


In addition to keeping the printer warm, the cover is water, dust, and UV resistant so the printer will be protected as it goes from a freezer into a wet or dry, dusty environment. A small opening gives access to the printer's buttons and labels once they're printed. Velcro closures on the cover mean it's easy to open, access, and remove the printer if it needs maintenance.


"The MP Compact Mobile printer provides significant label cost savings over normal mobile printers because the MP Compact Mobile Mark III is specifically designed to be used on a fork truck," says Thomas Braham, Honeywell's new printer introduction product marketing manager for the US and Canada. 


"The MP Compact Mark III mobile printer is a metal heavy duty printer designed to last years on a fork truck. It can save you over a nickle a label compared to plastic mobile printers. If you print just 50 labels a day, that is $2.50 every day you use the printer. That is $50 a month in savings per printer," Thomas added.


The thermal cover fits Honeywell Compact Mark III printers with both 4" and 6" OD paper rolls. A mounting bracket is included with the cover so the printer can be placed securely on any forklift using Gamber-Johnson mounting hardware.

-K Ramanathan

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