Epson Opens New Inkjet Printer Facility to Cater Asian Markets
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26-08-2017 00:00:00
Epson Opens New Inkjet Printer Facility to Cater Asian Markets

Seiko Epson Corporation has recently opened a new plant to produce Inkjet printers in Philippines. Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc., a manufacturing subsidiary of Seiko Epson Corporation, held a ceremony on August 25 to celebrate the opening of the new plant.


Epson Precision (Philippines) is preparing to increase inkjet printer and projector production this year, and the new plant, will provide extra inkjet printer production capacity. Meanwhile, an existing plant on the site began production on an additional projector production line at the end of July, Seiko Japan said in a statement. 


Epson’s new facility for Inject Printer in Philippines is expected to meet the growing demand in Asian countries which include India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Bangladesh. 


"We are proud to host in the PEZA zone one of the world's most-trusted and pioneering manufacturers of office machines including printers and projectors. Epson Precision (Philippines) has vastly contributed to the growth of the economy of this country. The new facility is a testament to Epson's commitment to continually providing high-quality products and maintaining its leadership in the international electronics industry," said PEZA Director General Charito Booc Plaza.


Epson President Minoru Usui said, "Epson Precision (Philippines) will play a critical role in Epson's medium-and long-range business strategy. The company and its new factory will contribute to inkjet innovation and visual innovation, two of the four areas of innovation we are targeting under the Epson 25 Corporate Vision."


Epson uses a vertically-integrated business model involving the manufacturing, sales, service and support of finished products built from the ground up using original inkjet, 3LCD and other technologies. Going forward, Epson will leverage this model to provide products and services that surprise and delight customers around the world.

-K Ramanathan

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