Epson launches new commercial range printers
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11-03-2016 00:00:00
Epson launches new commercial range printers

Epson, one of the top digital imaging and printing solutions company today announced three new commercial printer range – the S-series, P-series and F-series.

Leading the way is the SureColor S-series, the large format 64in printer which is claimed to produce photographic quality images for signage, vehicle graphics and fine art reproduction markets. 


Three models are available for the S-series – the S40670, S60670, S80670. 


At the heart of the printers is the proprietary PrecisionCore Thin Film Piezo printheads which uses a 1-micron thin mechanism that acts like a pump to deposit ink with high speed and precision, offering improved performance, reliability and image quality compared to its competitors. 


Not only that, the printers also come with the fourth-generation Ultrachrome GS3 solvent ink, which Epson claims to be 10%-15% more efficient compared to previous generations. 


Other benefits of the ink include reduced ink consumption, improved vibrancy, wider colour gamut, faster drying times and extended outdoor durability. 


“Developed over a four-year period, the new SureColor S-series brings unparalleled levels of productivity and improved reliability to the signage markets,” said Epson Professional Printing Division regional general manager Shaun See. 


Also launched at the event was the P-series which consists of the four large format printers for professional photo, fine art and proofing markets. 


According to Epson, the UltraChrome HD pigment inks used in the P-series provides exceptional print permanence up to twice the overall performance compared to older models as well as better control of greyscale toning for sharper black and white prints.  


The 24in P7000 and 44in P9000 printers, with the 10-colour ink set, are aimed at commercial and flexographic printers as well as graphic designers, photographers and fine art reproduction houses. 


On the other hand, the 24in P6000 and 44in P8000 with the eight-colour ink set are designed for graphic designers, commercial printers and photographers. 


Lastly, the launch also saw the introduction of the F-series dye-sublimation transfer printers for high-quality textile printing. 


The flagship 64in wide F9270 uses dual printheads to deliver high-speed, roll-to-roll productivity with better precision dot control ensuring colour, clarity and sharpness at the speed of over 100sqm per hour. 


On the other hand, the 44in F6270 is designed for sheet based production suited for custom clothing, merchandise and hard surface work, while the 64in F7270 is designed for roll-based production, suited for custom fabric and soft signage.

-K Ramanathan

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