Epson Introduces A3 Double-sided Printing Technology to its Ink Tank System Range
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10-03-2017 00:00:00
Epson Introduces A3 Double-sided Printing Technology to its Ink Tank System Range

Epson has launched two new A3 double-sided printer models, expanding the capabilities of its Ink Tank System (ITS) range. Aimed at the small and home office market, the L605 is Epson’s first 3-in-1 printer to include this feature, while the L1455 is the first 4-in-1 to offer both A3 double-sided printing and A3 scanning.

Designed for high-volume printing, the ultra-high-capacity ink tank allows users to do away with cartridges. The L605 and L1455 both include two sets of high-volume ink bottles, which means that the L1455 can print up to 10,500 pages[1], and the L605 up to 11,000 pages2 from the inks included in the box. Consequently, ITS printers provide an extremely low cost per page and are capable of far more printing between refills.

“Epson continues to innovate and offer businesses and individual consumers more value for money with its ground-breaking Ink Tank System range,” says Timothy Thomas, Consumer Sales Manager at Epson South Africa. “With the introduction of the Epson L605 and L1455, consumers now have more choice when it comes to their printing needs.”

Double-sided printing cuts paper usage in half and helps to minimise running costs by automatically printing on both sides of a page. With Epson’s ITS printers already saving users up to 90% on the cost of printing[2], this new feature will add further value-for-money to the range.

Consumers and small business can also easily work out how much their Epson ITS printer saves them in operational and maintenance costs, using Epson’s ITS Savings Calculator. This useful platform examines both the upfront and running costs related to printer ink, helping people make informed purchasing decisions.

Along with being extremely cost-effective, the Epson L1455 and L605 are easy to operate, reliable and capable of producing high-quality prints, delivering clear, sharp and precise prints thanks to Epson's durable and reliable Micro Piezo technology and genuine inks.

The models use dye ink for colour and pigment ink for black to provide quick-drying, smudge-free prints, and are designed for ease and reliability with the purpose-built ink tank fully integrated into the printer. Giving additional peace of mind, both models come with a one year or 50,000-page manufacturer warranty.

The L605 and L1455 are available at retail stores and through Epson Authorised Reseller partners, at R6,410.00 and R16,100.00 (Excl. VAT) respectively.

-K Ramanathan

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