Epson builds largest factory for printers and projectors in Batangas
22-05-2015 00:00:00
Epson builds largest factory for printers and projectors in Batangas
EPSON Philippines Corp. (EPC) is building a plant in Batangas--- the global giant's biggest in the world--- to increase production capacity for projectors and inkjet printers for the local market as well as to meet the growing demands in the US, China, Japan and neighbouring countries, a top company official said.

"The actual investment is P4.7 billion for the plant in Batangas. We already have two plants, now we are expanding, building a new plant which will be ready for production by 2017," Toshimitsu Tanaka, EPC country manager, told reporters.

Epson will also install a solar powered generation system with a capacity of 3,000 kWh on the roof of the new plant, which will reduce the overall daytime electricity consumption by half.

Tanaka said the company has decided to expand its manufacturing plant in the Philippines because it had cheaper labor cost compared to China and Indonesia, where the company also has manufacturing facilities.

Epson is currently producing 6 million units of inkjet printers annually and 1.3 million projectors annually. According to Tanaka, with the increased manufacturing space afforded by the new plant, actual production could double.
-K Ramanathan

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