Epson and NCR Deliver Improved Labeling Solution
12-08-2015 00:00:00
Epson and NCR Deliver Improved Labeling Solution
Epson America, Inc., a leading supplier of value-added Point of Sale (POS) solutions, and NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, have announced integration of Epson TM-L90 Plus LFC printerwith NCR Sticky Media solutions for restaurants to improve efficiency, order accuracy and consumer satisfaction.

Coupled with patented NCR Sticky Media solutions, Epson's TM-L90 Plus LFC printer enables customers to quickly print order details and add appropriate labels to orders so food service operators can easily ensure that the right order is delivered to the right consumer, significantly enhancing their satisfaction. NCR's patented family of liner-free adhesive labels offers automatic media type and paper width detection, eliminating the need for special adjustments by the operator.

"Epson is proud to respond to customer feedback and launch new features with our industry-leading, NCR Sticky Media-certified TM-L90 Plus LFC printer," said Tom Kettell, director, commercial channel sales at Epson, and adding, "Our printer, coupled with patented NCR Sticky Media solutions, will help our mutual customers improve operational efficiencies and increase consumer satisfaction."

"NCR Sticky Media and the new Epson printer give our customers more flexibility and additional ways to gain business advantages. We are motivated to continue improving customer experiences,"said Eddie Noel, senior vice president and general manager, NCR Interactive Printer Solutions.

Key benefits:
  • Improved operating efficiency: reduces the need for multiple receipts, labels, stickers or tape in the restaurant
  • Also operates as a standard thermal receipt printer--allowing for the restaurant to standardize on a single printer type for labels and receipts
  • Increased consumer satisfaction: improves order accuracy and productivity, shortening lines and increasing revenue and profit
  • Reduced waste: eliminates waste from standard label liners
  • Reduced downtime: reduces printer jams, increasing uptime

New features of the Epson TM-L90 Plus LFC printer:
  • Support for 58mm label size in addition to 40mm and 80mm
  • A new paper-savings mode that adjusts top and bottom margins automatically, reducing extra white space
  • A more intuitive on-off switch making it easier for the service representative to determine that the unit is on
  • A built-in USB interface in addition to the other user-selected interface, to make it easier to deploy in a different application if needed
-K Ramanathan

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