EasierSoft unveils easy-to-use barcode generator to print bulk labels
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03-01-2017 00:00:00
EasierSoft unveils easy-to-use barcode generator to print bulk labels

EasierSoft, a software developer for retail business environment has designed ease-to-use Barcode generator, a software that is capable of printing bulk barcode labels with the use of laser or inkjet printers. The tool is compatible with both MS Word & MS EXCEL, the company said in a release.


Printing labels and barcodes are one of the mandatory things in almost every country of the world. Barcode labels make the process of coding and pricing the products a lot easier. It facilitates both the buyers as well as the sellers to easily transact for the concerned products. 


However, printing barcode labels for your business might need to you purchase a new dedicated printer or reach out to a printing agency. To solve this need and offer a tool that uses basic printers to print different kinds of barcode labels, EasierSoft has come up with its own new free Ease-to-use Barcode generator. 


The tool can be easily used with your inkjet or laser printer and you may even print the barcodes on a plain A4 paper. Moreover, the results would be a lot better if you could use the sticky label paper like the Avery label paper. 


One may also use the Barcode software with their professional barcode printing machines. There are a number of other important features that makes printing barcode labels an easy affair. One of them is the fact that this generator can be used for printing complex barcode labels by collaboration of the software with MS Word or MS Excel. 


There are some advanced features that are only available in the paid as well as expensive software. This includes the ability of including supplier information, logo, shipping address, etc. But with this tool around, you have all those features available for free.


Presently, the Barcode Generator supports all the popular bar code formats like EAN-13, Code 128, & QR Code. It is built for the normal people and one can easily master the software without any training. The tool does come with tutorials and help options to help the users get the assistance that is needed to run the software. 

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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