E-POS finds place in PDS shops in Andhra
14-03-2015 00:00:00
E-POS finds place in PDS shops in Andhra
To prevent pilferage of essential commodities being distributed through public distribution system (PDS), the government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced Electronic Point of Sale (E-PoS) equipment at fair price shops across the state.

Announcing the government’s initiatives to prevent illegal supply of food items to non-beneficiaries, Andhra Pradesh’s Minister for Civil Supplies Paritala Sunitha has said that the government was serious to ensure that essential commodities were not diverted or misused. She said, to avoid inaccuracy in weighting, the government has introduced electronic weighing machines at all the ration shops.

She said, to prevent illegal usage of food items meant for poor, e-PoS systems were being introduced in all fair price shops across the state.

Informing the state assembly that about 6,000 fair price shops were being provided with E-PoS systems to ensure accountability and transparency in the public distribution of essential items for poor, she said there was no shortage of supply from the multi-level stock (MLS) points to FP shops.

Installation of E-PoS system in FP shops will make all transactions properly registered and monitored. This will avoid any connivance between ration shop workers with outsiders to divert the food items illegally.

The government has linked Aadhaar card-based PDS distribution to ensure poor people get all government introduced schemes. The E-PoS enabled system integrates thumb impressions of beneficiaries for seamless distribution of essential commodities, a media report said.

Recently, Orissa government too introduced bio-metric-based Point of Sale devices at all fair price shops across the state.
-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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