DJUBO Launches New PoS Android App
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06-06-2017 00:00:00
DJUBO Launches New PoS Android App

Hotel tech company DJUBO has recently released a new POS app, a step to enhance hotel's operations management experience.
The DJUBO POS is a cloud solution perfect for restaurants and food outlets, and hotel outlets of every kind, a company release said.


DJUBO already have 2000 active users for its main CRS app and engagement of clients through smartphone and tablet apps has increased in a big way recently.


DJUBO POS app is expected to increase the adoption of DJUBO within the hotel's operations even deeper.


The app is launched for the android platform with loads of features focusing hoteliers, restaurant and food outlets. This app can be used standalone or connect to DJUBO PMS, for hotels, for a seamless hotel operations management experience.


App is also GST ready along with customer tax and service charge options. It is equipped to manage Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) and create orders for dine-in, in-room dinning and takeaway.


In addition app is smart enough wherein any kind of PoS - Restaurants, spa, souvenir shop, laundry or any other type of outlet can be defined. Also with help of this app payment can be collected via UPI QR code or with online payment links.


"DJUBO's Point of Sale Android app is a step in the direction of becoming a fully integrated suite of products for hotels all built in-house. App based order taking and billing gives a high end feel to the hotel and also improves the guest experience. DJUBO already offers a Distribution, Intelligence and Marketing product suite along with Front Office feature sets. With the PoS app, it will be capturing the in-stay guest journey as well. Also the ability to have a single analytics dashboard to analyze all your hotel's departments across various metrics results in better performance tracking and budgeting," said Ashish Jain, VP at DJUBO.

-K Ramanathan

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