Digital Design Launches Evolution IV Thermal Inkjet Printer
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21-09-2017 00:00:00
Digital Design Launches Evolution IV Thermal Inkjet Printer

Digital Design has launched Evolution IV, the latest innovation in its Evolution thermal inkjet product line, which can print up to one-inch alpha/numeric characters and barcodes and graphics with a single print head.


Manufacturers can now take up one-inch printing on secondary packaging without adding additional print heads. The Evolution IV product line can be set up easily and runs with little maintenance, the company said in a release.


Similar to other products in the Evolution series, the Evolution IV uses thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology that delivers a high-resolution print with a clean, self-contained system. Evolution IV is the first system to pair a one-inch print head with an integrated ink supply in a 128ml cartridge.


The cartridge, designed and developed by Digital Design, reduces the time required to change cartridge. Unlike other types of inkjet technologies, this cartridge eliminates the maintenance and repair schedules.


The Evolution IV has been designed particularly for case coding or case marking applications where taller print, crisper bar codes and larger graphics are required.


The Evolution IV can also make use of multiple printheads controlled from a single controller, similar to other Evolution products.


Evolution products are available through a network of distributors and resellers.


Digital Design vice-president and general manager Ed Gerri said: “This was the natural next step in Digital Design’s promise of providing our customers with cost-effective and high-quality case coding solutions. We’ve employed proven technology based on the complete line of Evolution printers as the foundation for the development of the Evolution IV, and created a significant advancement in usability and quality.”

-K Ramanathan

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