Datalogic Introduces Queue Busting App
11-05-2015 00:00:00
Datalogic Introduces Queue Busting App
Datalogic, a leading maker of bar code scanners, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment, has recently unveiled cost-effective Queue Busting App that will improve throughput and customer satisfaction during peak hours.

"Queue busting provides retailers the ideal option for managing periods of high demand at the front end without the need to open extra checkout lanes, "said Luigi Frison, Senior Manager Store Automation for Datalogic ADC.

"This will enable customers to move through the checkout process more quickly while enjoying personal attention and a satisfying shopping experience," he added.

A store associate equipped with a Joya device and a portable printer provides immediate personal assistance to customers in line. The store attendant is able to immediately scan and bag cart items while the customer is in line. The portable printer, connected via Bluetooth wireless technology or Wi-Fi to the Joya device, will print out a ticket with a 2D bar code containing the information of all the successfully scanned items, and 1D bar codes for each of the 'unknown bar code' items. The customer easily checks out at the POS station once the cashier scans the bar codes printed on the ticket.

For added convenience, an optional (but strongly recommended) smart app running on a personal computer in the store allows Wi-Fi or USB transfer of product information from the back office to the Joya device, in order to allow Joya to prevent issues at the POS due to possible unknown items. This additional app is included in the Datalogic Queue Busting App package.

Value added resellers and integrators working in retail and POS that do not have a queue busting offer will find the Datalogic Queue Busting App the perfect addition to their solution suite. The ease of deployment, training, and use make it an ideal offering for business partners and a quick purchase by retailers.

With Datalogic's Queue Busting App, retailers can upgrade their customer service without costly changes to their POS system. No special interfacing is required at the POS for the Queue Busting App to be implemented. The increased throughput not only improves the retailers' revenue flow, but also results in an improved total shopping experience enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Queue Busting App is currently launched in EMEA, Greater China and Australia and will be further extended to countries in Asian region.
-K Ramanathan

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