Datalogic Brings Pocket-Sized Imager for Retail and Healthcare Needs
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10-01-2017 00:00:00
Datalogic Brings Pocket-Sized Imager for Retail and Healthcare Needs

Datalogic has recently introduced its new RIDA DBT6400 area imager, a mobile device that is small in size, having broad connectivity options and ample power to stand out.


Designed for retail and healthcare applications, the RIDA DBT6400 is a cordless area imager with Bluetooth connectivity in an ergonomic, pocket-sized form factor. 


The RIDA DBT6400 imager pairs with Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile devices as well as standard laptops equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology. 1D and 2D bar codes that are low contrast, damaged, poorly printed, or displayed with low back lighting on mobile phone screens are able to be read by the RIDA DBT6400 imager.


Key features of the RIDA DBT6400 imager include a compact design (3 oz. with batteries), 3,000+ readings per charge, the ability to store 2,000 linear codes in memory for batch download, and a depth of field and motion tolerance of 25 IPS. Healthcare models have disinfectant ready and anti-microbial enclosures that are ISO22196 compliant.

-K Ramanathan

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