Datalogic and BMS Expand Alliance for Efficient New Labeling Solutions
04-12-2018 00:00:00
Datalogic and BMS Expand Alliance for Efficient New Labeling Solutions

Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS), a provider of award-winning mobile and desktop printers, is broadening its successful alliance with Datalogic, a leader in automatic data capture and world-class producer of bar code readers. 


The two companies will market their mobile scan and print products to meet a growing demand for solutions that increase efficiency and help reduce the cost of labeling in retail, warehouse, medical and other evolving industries.


BMS and Datalogic have established a solid track record of developing turnkey scan and print labeling solutions that are currently delivering value at many points along the supply chain. This expanded alliance will first address high-growth, evolving segments such as convenience and grocery as they take on fresh food prep initiatives, apparel chains challenged with rapid price changes, and fast-moving retail warehouse operations.


According to Greg O’Connell, Vice President of Sales at Brother Mobile Solutions, “Convenience store and grocery represent several segments that are changing rapidly with competition on every front - and our QuickDeploy Labeling Kits are but one example of how we support chains as they introduce fresh food and unique new product assortments. The solutions we have co-developed with Datalogic answer the call for professional new labeling solutions in retail, healthcare, convenience, warehouse and beyond. Brother’s premier portfolio of mobile printers combined with Datalogic’s world-class barcode scanners are delivering mobile labeling solutions that are cost attractive, really simple to implement, and deliver immediate benefits.”


Stuart Britland, North America Regional Sales Director at Datalogic said, “As a market leader in auto ID, Datalogic is thrilled to expand its alliance with a printing giant like Brother. In retail particularly, the name of the game is efficiency, and we know from our close connection with customers that printing and scanning solutions are most effective for retailers when they are paired together. Our dual solution delivers measurable efficiency out of the box. When correct SKUs or price information are accurately tracked at the point of the sale, customers are satisfied and retailers can boost revenues. Everybody wins!”

Turnkey Labeling Solutions from Warehouse to Store and Beyond


BMS and Datalogic have introduced a number of scan and print labeling solutions, and BMS will demonstrate QuickDeploy Labeling Kits at NRF 2019, Retail’s Big Show in mid-January. Currently deployed solutions include:


Fresh food on-demand labeling


Fast price/shelf and markdown labeling


Instant pallet labels for retail warehouse


Scan & print solutions from BMS and Datalogic enable users to get up and running without the need to integrate into a WMS, ERP or a store’s POS system. This approach can minimize and often eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming software development. 


The database in the printer reduces risk associated with using wireless networks to access a centralized database. In some cases, the combined printer/scanner solution can eliminate the need for a hand-held terminal altogether.

-K Ramanathan

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