Coming Soon, Barcoded Number Plates for Kerala Houses
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16-12-2016 00:00:00
Coming Soon, Barcoded Number Plates for Kerala Houses

In a unique move, Kerala government has decided to use barcodes with unique property identification number (UPI) for houses which can be used as address proof to obtain vital documents such as passports and other government documents.


The UPI will be GPS enabled and the Kochi-based Centre for Biopolymer Science and Technology has been entrusted to pursue its advantages.


House number plates having ward number and house number was so far allotted by the panchayats. 


The modern number plates will be prepared with the help of local self governing bodies. The number plate will have the government emblem on top followed by the bar code, then the name of the Panchayat and a 10-digit bar code number.


The new number plates will also have the village name and will give details about the state, district, taluq, block, panchayat, ward among others. Even small business establishments and shops would be given the number plates under the same model.


For applying passports and for engaging in online transactions, the PIN given in the number plate will be enough. The authorities will be able to completely verify all the details if the house number is given. 


The first phase of the project in Kerala would be implemented at the panchayat level and later it will be fast expanded to corporations and municipalities. In the beginning, 1 crore number plates would be printed.

-K Ramanathan

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