Clientron Showcases POS and Embedded Systems at Computex 2017
31-05-2017 00:00:00
Clientron Showcases POS and Embedded Systems at Computex 2017

Clientron Corp., a global leading provider of Thin Client, POS and embedded systems, is showcasing its latest products with multiple innovations at Computex 2017, being held in Taipei, Taiwan from May 30 to June 3, 2017. 


Clientron unveiled its new industry Thin Client IT900 with industrial PC quality, R800 and Q800 for streamlined Thin Client applications. Meanwhile, Clientron is showcasing all POS series including the brand new innovative dual-touch displays POS terminal-Duo650 for enhancing the user experience. 


At this show, visitors can view the benefits of green technology, innovative design, and reliable quality that Clientron brings for your applications. A variety of industrial scenarios are being displayed including the intelligent system IT800 for parking lot remote management systems, the high performance Thin Client R800 for medical care solutions, as well as demonstrating POS systems for restaurant, self-check, meal ordering solutions, cinema ticket port scenarios, POS with UHF RHID reader applications, and the NFC cold chain logistics temperature recording applications etc.


In terms of thin clients, Clientron is showcasing a complete lineup of Thin Clients for entry-level, mid-range, high-end and smart applications including industrial Thin Clients IT800 and IT900 with fanless, IP40 dust-proof and robust aluminum housing design to sustain harsh conditions in outdoor or semi-outdoor environments, such as factories and parking lot management systems. 


In addition, Clientron is displaying its entire POS product portfolio. For all-in-one POS terminals, Clientron is presenting the innovative Duo650, which is distinguished from common POS by featuring two upright touch displays bonded back-to-back. The upright dual display design significantly saves hardware costs.


 The ultra-slim form factor also saves counter space to allow stores to place more peripherals and merchandise. The touch control function on the customer display also enables customers to perform some operations such as seat selection at movie theaters or airport check-in counters. Furthermore, stores can use the displays for advertisements to boost their return. 


These dual-display POS are particularly suitable for retail business channels, airports, stations, libraries and cinemas. Another focus on the show, the Bello POS, recently recognized with the 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award, has a flexible second screen design supporting the possibility of adding two customer displays so when a cashier is ringing up the sale, the customer can see the items and the total amount on the top display while the other customer display can show advertisements. 


The system can also integrate an NFC reader to support multiple payment solutions and thereby enhance the user experience. Also at the show, a variety of the extended POS peripherals will be exhibited.

-K Ramanathan

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