Citizen Adds Bluetooth to Point-Of-Sale Printers
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06-09-2016 00:00:00
Citizen Adds Bluetooth to Point-Of-Sale Printers

Citizen Systems America Corporation, manufacturer of world-class printing technology, has enhanced the popular CT-S601/651 and CT-S801/851 Point of Sale (POS) printer products with the release of TYPE II versions.


The world of receipt printing is changing and so is the products manufactured by Citizen in support of newer and more mPOS-based solutions. The ability to print to stationary printers like the CT-S601/651 and CT-S801/851 series products with Bluetooth connectivity enables many new and versatile usage models, Citizen said in a statement. 


"Users need cable free connectivity to their printers and the ability to function with the many devices that provide this connectivity at the point of use. We are pleased to enhance our popular lines of Point-of-Sale products to accommodate this usage. We want to enable more advanced and efficient uses in our products. The CT-S 6 and 8 series type II versions are ready to provide that and more," said Vic Barczyk, Executive VP of Citizen Systems America. 


Tablets, phones and general Bluetooth enabled data collection or POS serving devices are now able to easily connect and print without the limits of cable connections. This enhancement as well as INCREASED PRINT SPEED on the CT-S601/651 models up to 220mm/s (compared to previously printing at 200mm/s) makes these type II versions very formidable and efficient product in the retail, POS and MPOS usage space.

-K Ramanathan

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