China Installs Two Million CCTV Cameras with Artificial Intelligence
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28-09-2017 00:00:00
China Installs Two Million CCTV Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

BEIJING: China has installed two million latest CCTV cameras across the country equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) in what is believed to be the world's “most advanced surveillance” system.


The main objective of this anti-corruption program, known as ‘Sky Net’ operation, is to arrest the fugitives. The technology used in the cameras can identify person’s age, color, gender and other features.


Installation of these advanced cameras allows police to find criminals. This surveillance video has also been released on Chinese website for general public so that they can learn how monitoring system can help people search.


Additionally, the same technology can also be applied on vehicles as well, identifying the types and color.


This technique includes facial recognition and GPS Tracking system for police assistance. A signal will be alarmed to the law enforcement agencies if the recognition matches any criminals in the database.

-K Ramanathan

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