Casio Releases Cloud-Based Point-Of-Sale Solution
08-08-2017 00:00:00
Casio Releases Cloud-Based Point-Of-Sale Solution

Casio has introduced new point-of-sale product offering CasioCPos, a cloud-based solution for V-R7000/ 7100 Android terminals running Casio's QSR application software. 


The V-R7000/ 7100 are Casio's 15.6" wide touch screen, open-platform Android terminals, and the optional QSR application software is designed for the hospitality and general retail markets. 


Casio has demonstrated the V-R7000, QSR software and the new CasioCPos at the Retail Solutions Providers Association's RetailNOW show being held at Las Vegas, Nevada.


"When it comes to innovation in the point-of-sale space, Casio continues to develop creative solutions that enable business owners and management to run their operations more efficiently. Our new cloud-based CasioCPos is the next iteration of our innovative offerings and we are so proud at the opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities this week at the RetailNow show," said Lawrence W. Sampey, General Manager of Casio's Systems Products Division.


CasioCPos offers single and multi-store owners the ability to view real-time sales in order to evaluate and make instant operation decisions. A convenient dashboard provides a quick snapshot of sales, comparisons, number of customers, the average transaction total, while a bar chart shows the daily sales for the last week. 


Additionally, CasioCPos allows the input of a monthly sales projection and a status of where the store stands in achieving the target with an odometer-type graph and a graph chart. The dashboard also provides links to the sales analytic section of CasioCPos which includes additional reports including: item, department, group, hourly, hourly item, gross profit, transaction, day of week and other reports all with date range/historical capabilities.


Multi-location users will have access to multiple dashboards, complete with user restrictions. There are store, region and corporate level color-coded dashboards with access based on security levels. Since sales can be viewed through the V-R7000 terminal, remote PC or mobile phone, having a PC on site at each location is not required.


Other sections of CasioCPos include a diagnostic page with a communication log, electronic journal, and a terminal status indicator. A programming section allows changes to be made to the items, departments, groups, operators, employees, tax, keyboard layout and other areas. 


Program changes can be automatically downloaded to the store upon the store's opening or sent directly from the cloud to the store. Owners of multi-locations can control programming by store, region or group of stores such as when programming specifics like prices or tax may vary.


The V-R7000 QSR application has built-in safe guards to ensure data is captured to CasioCPos. An open business operation prior to the start of each business day before transactions can be entered that syncs the terminal up with the cloud. A message box on the operator display indicates whether the terminal is either online or offline. 


During times when Internet access is unavailable, the V-R7000 QSR application will store transaction information until access resumes, at which point transaction information will be automatically sent to the cloud. All these provisions provide a sense of security to store owners that their sales data is being handled properly and accurately.

-K Ramanathan

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