Bluebird Shows Next-Gen Industrial Tablets with Multi-OS Support
20-01-2016 00:00:00
Bluebird Shows Next-Gen Industrial Tablets with Multi-OS Support

Bluebird Inc., innovator and manufacturer of handheld computers, tablets and mobile payment devices, has lined up its new retail-focused, full-touch handheld computers and tablets, among the first in the industry to support Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise with enterprise-grade security and manageability.


The new product lineup includes the handheld computers EF500, EF500R, EF 400 and SF550, and the tablets ST100 and RT100 -connecting everyone from store managers and store associates to district managers and other field workers to tools for voice and data applications that they need to communicate and effectively respond to planned and unplanned events throughout the day.


Support for multiple operating systems, including Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise and Android 5.1 Lollipop, enables retailers and other enterprise users to protect their IT investments and migrate applications at their own pace.


“Our latest addition of handheld computers and tablets enables Bluebird to offer a total solution, lowering retailers’ total cost of ownership while improving the customer experience. Bluebird now has a solution for every user scenario both inside and outside the store’s walls, enabling mobile checkout and shorter response times to customer requests and other situations such as stock-outs and employee callouts. In addition, mobile-enabled managers can access real-time analytics and immediately redirect resources as needed,” says Jangwon Lee, CEO of Bluebird.


EF500/EF500R Handheld Computer


  • Bluebird’s flagship mobile computer combines advanced enterprise-grade functionality and durability with sleek, lightweight design
  • Designed for inventory management, price control, staff communication, scheduling, order taking, and customer engagement
  • Paired with Bluebird’s EP200 PIN reader, it can be used for mobile POS
  • 5" full touch display with damage-resistant Gorilla glass
  • IP67 rated —sealed against water and dust
  • Drop specification: 3 ft. 11 in. /1.2 m (standard), 7 ft. 10 in./ 2.4 m (rugged)
  • Wi-Fi and 4G LTE wireless connectivity
  • Push-to-talk with crystal-clear audio and noise-canceling technologyLong battery cycle

EF400 Handheld Computer


EF400 includes most of the features of the EF500/EF500R but has a 4” display for maximum portability and easy grip, making it ideal in field mobility applications, including field sales and direct store delivery.


SF550 Handheld computer


SF550 is a “store manager’s handheld computer/phone” with sleek, lightweight consumer design paired with enterprise-grade performance and technical support.


  • Only available for Android 5.1
  • 5.5 in. display with damage-resistant Gorilla glass
  • Comprehensive enterprise-ready software support

RT100 Rugged Tablet


  • Rugged but sleek 10 in. tablet
  • Use for customer engagement, order taking, and payment processing when paired with Bluebird’s chip and PIN device EP200
  • Optional smart plugs, including bar code scanner, MSR, smart card reader spin handle strap, POS keypad, etc
  •   IP65-rated and 1.5 m drop specification 


ST100 Tablet


ST100 tablet combines consumer style design with enterprise-grade performance and technical support. ST 100 cannot be expanded with the smart plugs.

-K Ramanathan

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