BIXOLON Launches Seven New POS Label and Mobile Printing Solutions
17-08-2016 00:00:00
BIXOLON Launches Seven New POS Label and Mobile Printing Solutions

BIXOLON Europe GmbH has launched seven new products to its award winning portfolio of POS, Label and Mobile printing solutions.


Continuing to innovate, BIXOLON introduces the latest generation of its SPP-R200III 2-inch (58mm) and the new sleek and lightweight SPP-R310 3-inch (80mm) mobile receipt & label printers with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Serial connectivity options. The device can easily be paired with Bluetooth via embedded NFC tag and supports Android, iOS and Windows smart devices, alongside Apple MFi iAP2 certification.


“BIXOLON’s latest products are testament to its ongoing commitment to both meeting customer requirements and innovations for printing industry. Available from our comprehensive distribution network located across Europe, BIXOLON’s portfolio of products are pushing the boundaries in POS, Label and Mobile printing technology,” explains Charlie Kim, Managing Director, BIXOLON, Europe GmbH. 


Bixolon also unveiled SLP-TX220, the 2-inch industry leading Thermal Transfer Label Printer. It can boast of built-in Bluetooth, Apple MFi iAP2 certification and simple and consistent printing from tablets, smartphones and other smart devices.


Updating its successful POS printer range, BIXOLON has also introduced its improved water resistant, front exit SRP-F310II 2-inch and 3-inch thermal receipt printer with IP12 certification which can print up to 350mm/sec. 


The updated SRP-275III ergonomic dot matrix kitchen printer offers Intelligent Logic Seeking and Bi-Directional Print Technology with Ethernet connectivity. Alongside, the new improved budget SRP-330II 3” thermal receipt printer, complete with double or triple interface options.


Delivering innovative solutions to the fast paced mPOS market, BIXOLON’s new B-gate mPOS hub solution provides the previously missing link between smart devices and wired POS peripherals. The device can connect tablets or smart devices to wired POS peripherals via an intelligent Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface. B-gate simply removes the complex issues of separately pairing expensive wireless peripherals such as scanners, case drawers, customer displays and more.

-K Ramanathan

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