Avalon Solutions Launches myOmny Mobile POS Solution
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11-01-2016 00:00:00
Avalon Solutions Launches myOmny Mobile POS Solution

Avalon Solutions Group, a payment and business intelligence solutions provider, has launched ‘myOmny’, an innovative new mobile point-of sale (mPOS) business platform built for small and mid-sized businesses to simplify mobile payments.


myOmny integrates all essential business applications - point of sale, automated syncing of sales transaction, inventory and customer information with QuickBooks, as well as business reporting. This is done through the highest level of security and a simple user experience, Avalon said in a statement.


“myOmny was designed to be an all-in-one solution for small business merchants who struggle to compete with large retailers due to lack of resources,” said Robert Fifield, Chief Operating Officer of Avalon Solutions Group, who further stated, “By creating myOmny with extensive integration capabilities, small businesses can have that competitive edge they’ve been missing, all while enjoying valuable time to connect with their customers and grow their businesses.”


myOmny’s unique functionally allows it to operate as more than a basic payment solution. In addition to processing transactions, myOmny automatically transfers sales and inventory information to and from QuickBooks while tracking gross sales, receipts, average sale, and traffic numbers right on your mobile device. myOmny is EMV and PCI compliant and offers point-to-point encryption for additional security.


Steve Shollenberger, Chief Financial Officer of Avalon Solutions Group, said, “With the increased incidence of data breach and credit card fraud, merchants and customers alike are both aware that the current solutions on the market don’t offer enough to protect consumer data and merchant liability. By creating myOmny, our goal is to ease these concerns by offering the most security available.”


-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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