Auto-Star and Star Micronics Offer Eco-Friendly POS Printing Solution
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03-01-2017 00:00:00
Auto-Star and Star Micronics Offer Eco-Friendly POS Printing Solution

Auto-Star Compusystems, an innovative developer of Point Of Sale software for independent retailers, and Star Micronics, a global industry leader in POS printer solutions, have announced the integration of the Star-Plus software and Star Micronics TSP100ECO printer with AllReceipts digital receipt application.


Auto-Star’s Star-Plus software provides grocery, pharmacy and natural health retailers a flexible point of sale and back office solution with advanced features including customer loyalty, accounts receivable, inventory control and reporting.   


The TSP100ECO printer includes a variety of innovative features designed to minimize the environmental impact for point of sale receipt printing. Advanced power management circuitry allow users to reduce energy consumption, while vertical and horizontal receipt compression reduce paper usage by up to 70%.


With the addition of AllReceipts, customers can easily store and manage their receipts digitally by scanning the QR code printed on the receipt.  The AllReceipts App is free to download and does not require customers to provide an email address or other personal information.


“We are excited to partner with Star Micronics, a leader and innovator in the retail POS environment,” said Robert Symmonds, President and CEO of Auto-Star, who further added,  “The integration was simple and painless for our developers and our customers are enthusiastic to start using the solution.”


“We are very pleased to welcome Auto-Star to the list of growing POS application providers, who see the value in the eco system we are creating,” said David Salisbury, VP of Sales and Marketing at Star Cloud Services, Inc.  “With shoppers being encouraged to forgo their wallets, and instead use their phones when shopping, adding a digital receipt service that works on the one device you never leave at home simply makes sense,” he added.

-K Ramanathan

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