Adidas India Deploys Mobility POS Solution in Franchise Stores
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17-06-2017 00:00:00
Adidas India Deploys Mobility POS Solution in Franchise Stores

Adidas India, the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, has rolled out a mobility solution Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) for its select franchise stores in India.


Adidas designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories and has around over 700 stores in India under the franchise channel.


“Exclusive brand outlets are experience zones for all our consumers across various product categories and very important place in our consumer journey. mPOS roll out was one of the initiative that we took to improve the consumer order management & billing experience. The idea is to use a mobile POS to engage and convert consumers from anywhere in the store instead of being tied to till (cash) register and enhance the shopping experience. We see this as an initial step in digitally empowering the sales-associates in stores” said Vishal Kapil, IT Director, Adidas India.


Leveraging the capabilities of the mobile camera which works like a scanner, mPOS scans the article and picks up its details, such as – stock availability, product price, whether on discount or not etc. The solution enables the entire order management, billing process where the salesperson has flexibility to fire the print to the nearest printer or the fixed till.


The mobility solution is on a smartphone & has a mobile device management software so as it’s a secure, controlled & managed environment.


"The mPOS solution has given our business more selling space by eliminating traditional cash desks where mobile is the only source of billing and we also use mobile in stores which use it for handling peak sales as queue busters" Kapil added.


According to Kapil, mPOS is an instant hit with young sales associates who are highly savvy on smartphones. Also our franchise partners loved the solution as this has been a plug and play to the existing ecosystem they use, he said.


“This mobility solution is a partner developed solution and we customized it further basis our requirements & compliance parameters on a stable SDK,” Kapil added. 


The UPI based payments will take off very fast with consumers in India in future and this solution fits very well in this emerging equation. It’s been currently rolled out in 15+ stores in India and he’s very optimistic on further roll out to other stores.

-K Ramanathan

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