3dcart Releases New Point of Sale System for Selling on the Go
14-10-2015 00:00:00
3dcart Releases New Point of Sale System for Selling on the Go
3dcart, the leading all-in-one eCommerce solution, has launched new iPad compatible point-of-sale system, a simplified and innovative solution for selling in-door and on the go.

With thousands of 3dcart merchants operating a physical brick-and-mortar store, and countless others seeking to expand brand recognition via tradeshows, vendor events and more, 3dcart's new POS app is the next step in eCommerce evolution.

For nearly two decades, 3dcart has dedicated their efforts to maximizing the potential of online multichannel retailing, providing frequent, edge-cutting applications and services for consumer-demanded outlets such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, eBay and more.

With the introduction of 3dcart's POS app, however, 3dcart aims to bridge the gap between online and offline selling, allowing retailers the freedom and flexibility to manage their business operations without restriction, and most importantly, with complete ease. Featuring a plethora of exciting, varied features and capabilities new to the eCommerce industry, the cloud-based POS app - compatible with new and existing 3dcart accounts - is the simplest, most efficient solution for businesses to expand and grow across multiple sales channels.

Benefits of the 3dcart POS app include the utilization of the latest cloud-based technology, saving merchants valuable time and energy with automatic, secure order and product synchronization. Additionally, merchants will have the ability to accept credit cards, cash, check or money order at retail shops, kiosks, delis - virtually anywhere, with the ability to customize orders on a customer-by-customer basis; accept online and offline payments, split payments, process refunds or apply custom items and/or discounts to orders.

For merchants looking to enhance and customize their customer shopping experience, optional integration with a standard barcode scanner, register drawer and/or printer are all supported. Furthermore, the POS app easily allows merchants to designate staff shifts and pin entries; a valuable tool for tracking sales history while users are "on the sales floor."

"Traditionally, successful online and offline retailing is a rare commerce occurrence, typically exclusive to the world's largest brands simply due to cost. Our POS system, designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind, is a revolutionary new application intended to provide small and large retailers with everything they need to expand, grow and consequently, compete with larger brands," said COO Jimmy Rodriguez.

Whether a merchant is looking to take their business mobile for promotional purposes, synchronize their physical and online stores, or are simply looking for the freedom to make business decisions as opportunities and events arise, the 3dcart POS app is the easiest, most efficient solution to conducting multi-channel retailing. The application is currently available, free of charge, for all new and existing 3dcart accounts.
-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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