1600 ration shops in Rajasthan get notice for protesting against POS
22-08-2016 00:00:00
1600 ration shops in Rajasthan get notice for protesting against POS

The state food and civil supplies department has issued show cause notice to over 1,600 ration shops for resorting to flash strike on August 16 in protest against the department's directive to make it mandatory for all ration shops to distribute foodgrains through the Point Of Sale (POS) machines from September 1.


There are about 26,000 ration shops in the state where the department has made it mandatory to sale foodgrains only through the point of sale machine from September and no manual records will be considered in this regard.


Principal secretary Subodh Agarwal said that earlier the ration dealers had threatened to go on a strike but was called off unconditionally. But on August 16, 1629 shops reported no sales. He said, "We consider it as an undeclared strike as it is not possible that all these shops have connectivity problem, as claimed by them. 


“We have a central monitoring system in Jaipur which records each and every transaction. On August 16, no sales were reported at 1,629 shops. We cannot believe that no ration card holder turned up at these shops or that the POS machines in these shops were not working due to connectivity problems." 


He alleged that the ration dealers are trying to sabotage the computerized system as it has helped to stop the pilferage of ration. "Since the Point Of Sale machines have been made compulsory from September 1 some misguided people are resorting to this kind of illegal activities which will not be tolerated," he said.


He further said that the civil supplies department had canceled the licenses of all the shops under the Jodhpur Upbhokta Bhandar (JUB) for not adhering to the rules. "There were 146 shops directly under the JUB and 62 subsidiaries. We had cancelled the licenses of all the shops for violation of rules," he said.


The principal secretary said that the department is making contingency plans to make available ration for the beneficiaries where the shops licenses were cancelled.

-K Ramanathan ram@justransact.com

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