Expert Speaks ( We envisage huge demand for POS printers in India )

We envisage huge demand for POS printers in India

Jonas Keng

Sales Director / Godex

Mr Jonas Keng, Sales Director at Godex International, Taiwan, who visited India recently, speaks to JusTransact about growth of Indian retail market, Godex’s expansion plans, revenue target and future products envisaged for Indian industry and retail businesses. Excerpts…

What is your opinion about Indian retail market compared to other South East Asian peers?

Indian retail market is one of the fastest growing among the neighboring markets. Due to unprecedented growth in logistics, ticketing, entertainment and e-commerce sectors, the demand for barcode printers, label printers and other allied products has grown manifold. We envisage a huge demand for such products in India in another five years. We are rightly placed here with our rugged and technologically advanced desktop and industrial barcode/label printers to tap the market along with other products such as scanners which can be integrated with any other input devices to give a complete retail solution for businesses in India.

In China and Korea, thousands of retail businesses including food courts and eateries have automated their operations with POS products. We expect, India, being the largest economy, will also see a wide-scale usage of such products by millions of unorganized business establishments to meet the huge demand for customized and quality services.

What are your expansion plans in India?

We are currently in consolidation mode. We want to reach out to industries with our existing product range as we have started well with desk-top versions in India. We believe that our association with Millennium will help us promote our brand among industries and retail businesses across the country as they have wide presence and market exposure. We will also impart training to dealers and stockiest across India to handle technical and other product-related issues. We will be conducting road shows and retail events in all major cities in the coming days as part of our plans to expand our reach across India.

You are specialized in barcode printers, scanners and mobile printers. What are the other products in the pipeline for India?

We will introduce more hardware products for Indian market after due BIS certification. The current one in the pipeline is DT 4C, a simple and compact printer ideal for printing labels and tags. Once we get the BIS certification, we will start marketing the product. Our strength lies on output devices in the AIDC domain. We are not planning to venture into input devices like touch screen POS terminals. However, all our products can be integrated with other brand’s devices to create a complete POS solution. Along with hardware, we also offer software support where customers can customize their preferences, be it a label or a simple tag.

What is your revenue target for India in the current financial year?

In Taiwan the financial year starts from January and ends in December whereas in India it’s between April-March. We have started late this year. As per our estimate, we should do business not less than half-a-million USD in this current fiscal which will put us comfortably ahead to look for USD one million target for 2017-18.

- K. Ramanathan

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