Expert Speaks ( POS terminals need secured access to thwart data thefts Durgesh Sharma )

POS terminals need secured access to thwart data thefts Durgesh Sharma

Durgesh Sharma

Director / LISTECH Services Solution Pvt Ltd
LISTECH Services Solution Pvt Ltd is a Mohali-based company for software development and customisation. Launched by Mr Durgesh Sharma, who is the Director of the company, LISTECH has pioneered in providing software support to various retail applications. Having completed his MCA from Pune University, Durgesh has held various positions from system analyst to project manager in various IT firms before launching his own. Durgesh, who has close to 15 years experience in software industry, speaks about Indian POS market, POS software and its importance, security threat to POS devices and more.

How will you differentiate cloud-based software support with the conventional one? Which, according to you is the best for an Omni channel retail environment?

Cloud based software support has a lot of advantages over the conventional one. Some of them are:
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Real time info sharing
  • Easy Info Updates
  • Easy Problem Fixing

The market is slowly changing from conventional software application dependence to Cloud-based one. Customers are increasingly demanding for the retrieval of available data in real time from every location. So, Cloud-based solution is the best option for retailers to scale-up their business and customer’s shopping experience.

Do POS devices face security threats? What best remedy you can suggest to make them secure from malware attacks?

YES, POS devices do face security threats and in recent years the threats have increased manifold. Since POS devices are connected to internet, security risks are always there. These threats can be minimised by restricting unwanted traffic and access.

Can you elucidate the prospects of POS software market in India for the next five years?

POS market is growing at a great pace in India and also the POS software needs. Since majority of the POS systems need customised POS software support, the market for POS Software is going to be phenomenal. More so, we are going to have Smart Cities and this will further augment the growth of POS hardware and software market. I can see a huge potential in these areas in the coming years.

What are the industries and applications LIS TECH cover. Tell us about expertise and clientele?

LIS Tech Services Solutions is part of the LIS Group and has expertise in developing customised and user-friendly software for Small and Medium businesses. Our company believes in Client Satisfaction and we work on the principle that software can be best utilised in the best possible way only if they are easy to use and understand. By providing technical support by number of means we ensure great customer service. Our Company has a diverse portfolio of software products in the following fields under POS Billing system.
  • Retail & Wholesale Business
  • Food Society and Depot System
  • Hotel / Restaurant Business
  • Bore Well System
  • Hospital & Clinic Business
  • School & College
  • Newspaper agencies
  • Laundry Business
  • Automobiles Sales & Services
  • Grocery, Bakery & Sweet Shops
  • Timber Industry
  • Saloon
  • ERP
  • Sales & Purchase Order Management
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Provision for Barcode Billing & Printing
  • Item Search on Name, Code, Barcode, Fast Search Code, etc
  • Party wise credit/cash provision
  • Credit/Debit Note adjustment provision in bill
  • Ledger Balance, Overdue, Outstanding Bills, Credit Limit, Last Bill History
  • Last Payment Detail, Annual & Monthly Sales and Return
  • New scheme, products, etc by sms. (Optional)
  • Change discount / rate and store in master on Billing
  • Negative Stock Billing if required (Optional)
  • Cash receiving facility at the time of billing
  • Invoice, Challan, Estimate printing provisions
  • Provision to show last deals of Sale/Purchase or Order
  • Item/Order wise delivery date, terms & instructions
  • Discount module (percent & Amount wise)
  • Staff commission calculations
  • Cash/Credit sale Module

- K. Ramanathan

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