Expert Speaks ( Bixolon provides cutting-edge technology for Businesses )

Bixolon provides cutting-edge technology for Businesses

C Anton Jebadurai

Country Manager / Bixolon India

Bixolon is the world leader in providing cutting edge technology products to various industries with their application oriented devices. The Korea-based technology giant has created niche for itself in supplying world-class Mobile Printer, Mobile POS devices, POS printers, Label printers, POS peripherals and accessories to leading manufacturers and retailers across the globe. Growing at rapid pace in India, Bixolon has a huge catalogue of products to cater to Indian retailer and non-retailer community.

C Anton Jebadurai, country Manager, Bixolon India speaks about the company’s growth projection, future plan, product line-ups and advantages of mobile printers. Excerpts…

You are one of the world’s leading POS & Mobile Printer brands. What are your plans for India?

We have been developing advanced Receipt, Label and Mobile Printers and maintaining our position as world leader in this segment. We have been chosen as world’s leading mobile printer brand by the leading research analyst Chunichisha for the last three consecutive years. We are extremely proud of this prestigious honor.

In India, we are currently having channel partners with whom we have been working for many years. Recently, BIXOLON has also created a sales office in the region to further provide sales and technical support to the market. We saw the need and demand for mobile printing solutions growing at a rapid rate, especially in the transportation and logistics fields with delivery receipts and issuing invoices. We were able to successfully penetrate this emerging market and we aim to uphold our status as market leader by introducing products with cutting-edge technology that continue to solve industry problems.

Can you brief Bixolon’s product line for Indian retailers?

BIXOLON offers a sophisticated and comprehensive line of mobile, desktop POS and barcode label printers.

Our mobile printers include the sleek and lightweight 2-inch SPP-R200III and 3-inch SPP-R310. Both of our next generation mobile printers come equipped with Easy Bluetooth Paring via embedded NFC tag, ruggedized and water-resistant designs, and long battery lives, suitable for all industries that require portable receipt and label issuing.

BIXOLON’s POS and label range includes the ultra-reliable SRP-380 POS receipt printer, the water and dust resistant front exit SRP-F310II, perfect for restaurant and bars and the durable SLP-TX400 barcode label printer. All of these models can be used with any smart device for issuing a customer receipt, printing a kitchen order or retail shelf and inventory labeling.

Finally, BIXOLON’s complete lineup also solves the problem of connecting multiple POS peripherals with smart device based applications, by introducing the B-gate. Our mPOS hub solution easily connects up to 4 standard peripherals, such as printers, customer displays, cash drawers, scanners and scales, with tablets or smart devices via its powerful Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface.

All the BIXOLON’s product lines are ready-to-sell in India market with BIS certification.

What are the industries you cover and your specialization?

BIXOLON offers the latest in mobile printing technology for a range of trend sensitive applications. As the mobile application market grows, BIXOLON’s mobile printers have been globally accepted as the mobile printing product of choice and integrated into a wide range of applications. Some of these applications include: delivery notes and invoice printing in logistics, mobile payment and queue busting solutions in retail, table-side ordering and delivery solutions for hospitality, price management for retail inventory, ticket and citation issuing for public workforce, and in-flight sales for aviation, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless as we continue to provide world-class solutions for industry mPOS demands.

Can you elucidate the advantages of using Mobile Printers for retail businesses?

From every aspect of the retail industry, mobile printers can be used to solve a problem. They can assist with customer wait times and overall satisfaction by queue busting and mobile checkouts. They allow retail employees to update price tags and print shelf labels directly from the sales floor, saving time and preventing shrinkage. Finally, mobile printers are used in direct store delivery (DSD) to print invoices and provide proof of delivery on the spot, eliminating the need for bulky, inconvenient and confusing technology.

BIXOLON’s full range of 2, 3 and 4 inch mobile also include various accessory options such as vehicle chargers, quad chargers, shoulder straps and protective cases. All current mobile printers support Apple (with MFI Certification), Android & Windows platforms, via cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. BIXOLON’s mobile printers provide simple connectivity to Tablets, Smartphones or any Smart Handheld devices. Our comprehensive line mobile printers and accessories, create the ultimate printing solution, combining convenience, style and innovative technology.

- K. Ramanathan

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