Expert Speaks ( Posiflex strides to digitalize Indian retail sector )

Posiflex strides to digitalize Indian retail sector

Baskaramoorthy D

Vice-President – Sales / Posiflex Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.
An early entrant into the organized retail sector in India, Baskaramoorthy was instrumental in introducing a range of hardware products to the booming sector. As a co-founder of Protocol, he brought the barcode technology and POS machines as a distribution partner of Posiflex and developed the market in India. When Posiflex, a global leading brand in design and manufacture of POS solutions and peripherals, looked to consolidate Indian market in 2009, Protocol was the natural choice and they forged to form an Indian entity – Posiflex India.

Having close to two decades of industry exposure with deep understanding of the Indian retail industry in terms of quality, price points and service requirements, Baskar was instrumental in developing Industrial Automation products to help improve the Workforce Efficiency and Inventory Management using Barcode & RFID technologies in India.

On personal ground, the Bachelor of Engineering graduate from Coimbatore Institute of Technology is an avid reader and a cricketer. He likes to go on a long drive during weekends and also dish out some outstanding mouthwatering delicacies with the most favourite of all being Dum Biriyani' that he prepares at home.

A veteran in POS technology, Baskaramoorthy talks about the growth of POS sector in India and Posiflex's role in digitalizing Indian retail sector. Excerpts.

What is your take on Indian retail sector growth vis-à-vis POS technology?

In the recent years POS technology in Indian retail sector has seen significant improvement mainly due to large scale adaptation of the technology by Tier 2 retailers. It enabled them to stay in competition against organized local and international brands. Compared to supermarket/departmental stores, the usage of POS technology has been very high in hospitality segment due to large scale usage of Touch Screen Technology triggered by Smart Phone revolution.

Can you brief POSIFLEX's presence in India as a POS brand and growth since its entry?

Posiflex has well established itself as a reliable and sustainable POS partner in India with more than 35,000 installed systems across India by various retailers - from small to large formats. Posiflex products have been marketed in India since 2001 and the brand has shown significant growth since then. Our market share is significant in POS sector with touch screen monitors and other supportive POS products taking the lead in retail applications.

What are the advantages of using POS products in retail business environment?

POS enables moment of truth for the retailer in terms of what is happening in their business day-to-day and empowers them with various powerful reports which help them to take critical business decision instead just depending on their employees or trusting their memory power. Due to socio-economic development, most retailers have multiple outlets these days, which need a dependable system to process multiple-data to analysis business transactions in real time.

How far POS technology can do a turnaround in Indian retail sector?

Technology can only be an enabler for any business. So, POS technology alone can't do a turnaround on retail sector unless otherwise there is significant growth in retail sector & improved consumer purchase sentiments.

How do you see POSIFLEX's role in automating businesses in India?

In the past 10 years Posiflex has been working tirelessly to popularize the POS standards and increase technology adoption among various retailers across India. Posiflex has conducted road shows in the name SHOPTECH (Technology for Shopper) in various places to take the technology to retailers and also sensitize among resellers & system integrators about the importance of POS technology. The awareness programs are well received and appreciated by retail community which resulted in wide-spread usage of POS technology by retailers. Such awareness programs help them to automate their business which in turn boosts our growth prospects.

Can you elucidate your product range in India and future plans?

Posiflex is the only company in India that has wide range of POS products catering to small and big box retailers. The company has introduced more than 20 models globally, and in India, we stock and sell around 9 models to suit various parameters of retailers such as business applications, size and affordability to aid faster ROI for them. In line with the Government of India's "Make in India" initiative, we have formulated our future plans to bring in more innovations and affordable POS products that suit Indian customers.

- K. Ramanathan

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