Expert Speaks ( Honeywell AIDC is at the forefront of IoT for retail and e-commerce sector )

Honeywell AIDC is at the forefront of IoT for retail and e-commerce sector

Aseem Joshi

Regional General Manager / Honeywell

As a regional head for Honeywell's Sensing & Productivity Solutions business, Aseem Joshi has been developing strategies and spearheading sales and marketing teams to grow business. Aseem came to Honeywell from Eaton, where he worked in various roles, including Plant Manager, Marketing Manager and APAC Marketing Strategy Manager for their Hydraulics business. Prior to Eaton, he was an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company and later associated with IBM as an Industrial Engineer. He has an MBA from INSEAD, MS from Virginia Tech and a BE from Pune University. Married and having 2 children, Aseem is currently based in Pune.

He speaks about Honeywell's AIDC market in India, notable product launches, and how technology can help retailers meet omni-channel challenges. Excerpts…

What is the current market size and demand for AIDC products in India? What is Honeywell's contribution in terms of meeting the demands?

According to "India Barcode Scanners and Printers Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017" the revenues of the barcode industry in India are likely to grow at a large Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 30% during the period 2011-2017. This presents many opportunities for companies in the AIDC space, including Honeywell. Going forward, Honeywell AIDC is at the forefront of Internet of Things (IoT) for retail and e-commerce sector. Honeywell has been and continues to working with our channel, our solution partners and with a number of customers across Indian sub-continent to identify and address their business challenges, through automation. One example includes India Post, who we are helping to automate their 130,000 post offices across the country. By integrating scanning technology, Honeywell assisted India Post to leverage our world-class AIDC technology.

How do you envisage Honeywell’s overall growth in the next five years in India?

Honeywell has been in India since almost 100 years, successfully working with our customers in a diverse range of sectors across India, supporting growth through technology and innovation. We have almost 15,000 employees (including 8,000 engineers) in country and physical presence across 50 cities. Our 7 manufacturing locations and 5 global technology & engineering centers will continue to contribute to our commitment and growth along with our customers.

The retail sector is a priority for Honeywell Sensing & Productivity solutions. This is because Indian retailers, 3PLs and transport and delivery businesses here, like their counterparts around the world, have seen rapid growth and increasing operational pressures as a result of the rise of omni-channel. The increasing number of consumer shopping options, including online, in-store and click and collect, as well as the small piece orders, the increased number of delivery destinations that have to be reached in shorter timeframes, pose challenges for local retail businesses. To help address these operational pressures Honeywell will increasingly work with Indian retailers so that they have the right systems and technologies in place to keep pace with the omni-channel. We are in a vantage position to enable brick-and-mortar retailers, be it neighbourhood groceries or hypermarkets, adopt technologies that are most suitable to their needs : bee it around from POS to mobile couponing, queue-busting to cross-selling and from in-store to back-end.

Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions will also in the coming years be concentrating on developing and delivering end-to-end solutions that enable seamless measures, controls and collection of data across all business systems and devices. Business connectivity and data collection allows for optimisation of workflow processes and worker productivity and accuracy.

Honeywell will leverage our heritage of industry leading technology and innovation, and work with our partners to invest in hardware, software, cloud technology and analytics solutions that best support true business connectivity.

What are the latest offerings from Honeywell for Indian POS market?

Being at the forefront of innovations in custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls, and productivity solutions built around high performance data collection hardware for more than 40 years, Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions prides itself on delivering best practice technologies to businesses across India.

Honeywell's acquisitions of Intermec and Datamax-O'Neil highlight our ambition for continuous investments that strengthen the depth of our technology solutions and portfolio. Today, Honeywell offers the most comprehensive range of products in the industry, with over 50,200 products, including controls, global tracking, printers, scanners, mobility, RFID, Voice solutions, sensors, software and electromechanical.

Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions allow businesses to manage their data, assets and workers in order to optimise performance and processes in every corner of their facility.

Our Orbit 7120 presentation scanners and Eclipse 5145 are already brands by themselves! Last year our thermal desktop printer PC42t was also very well accepted by the end-users.

This year, Honeywell is releasing a number of exciting technologies in the retail space, including the Solaris 7980g scanner, which meets the needs of the growing mobile payment trend. The scanner has the ability to read 2D barcodes off mobile phones, as shoppers increasingly want to use their mobile devices in place of credit cards and loyalty cards.

For retailers after an affordable scanner, Honeywell has also released the Voyager 1602g pocket 2D Bluetooth scanner. The ergonomically designed Voyager 1602g scanner can be coupled with tablet-based retail POS systems, mobile POS solutions, inventory management, backroom/stockroom and in-store customer engagement.

Can you tell us how technology can be a game changer for retail sector?

Honeywell solutions are designed to help retailers compete in an increasingly competitive environment by increasing store associate productivity, reducing operating expenses and increasing customer loyalty.

Honeywell's innovative solutions are primed for many key retail applications including store operations, fixed Point of Sale, omni-channel fulfillment, in-store mobile and warehouse.

The retail worker of today is not tied to one station and is instead moving throughout the store. These workers need technologies, such as the Voyager 1602g, which enable mobile productivity and accuracy with ease. A mobile barcode scanner has the power to not only increase productivity and accuracy, but also allow workers to interact with customers and provide a much higher level of service.

Customer service is also being improved with the launch of mobile payment offerings like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This means customers and retailers benefit from a faster and more seamless check-out experience. With the use of a 2D barcode scanner such as the Solaris 7980g, consumers can now pay for their goods with a simple tap, while simultaneously earning loyalty points, discounts and promotions directly to their device.

Those retailers who invest in 2D barcode technology will be best placed to provide the best in-store shopping experience for their customers as mobile devices become more commonplace for payment.

- K. Ramanathan

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