Touch Screen Kiosk

A Touch Screen Kiosk is an interactive POINT OF SALE terminal which is made of specialized software and hardware to perform certain functions such as billing, access specific details, print tickets, coupons or tokens and other applications related to retail, entertainment, hospitality, communication, food and beverage, education and commerce industries.

- Interactive and easy to operate POS Kiosk
- Fast and convenient method to access information
- Improves shopping experience and foot falls
- Ergonomic, compact, robust and cost-effective.
- Improves operation efficiency and brand value.


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Posiflex Stellar KT-2130 Touch Screen Kiosk
Rs. 231,044/-
(4 rating)

Product Highlights
Product Highlights

Posiflex Stellar KT-2150 Touch Screen Kiosk
Rs. 262,845/-
(3 rating)

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Product Highlights
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